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07.10.2013 , 03:06 PM | #26
This is the stupidest crap I've ever heard. Bringing this popularity contest into the game will serve nothing. I suppose they're trying to find ways of getting players to do their work for them. To know how people feel all they need do is read the forums once in a while.

This is just to make the star bellied sneeches feel more special, and I highly doubt that anything good will come from this, because it will be just a select few yapping their thoughts, and the rest will go unheard, and in the end, the Bioware people will just do whatever they want anyhow.

Why do they even bother to put people thru this stuff. I suppose they feel all good about 'trying to get people involved.' Yeah, whatever, go vote in your popularity contest. I for one think its BS and won't be bothered. Enjoy your little elitist club.