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How Will Class Representatives Be Selected?

This process is going to be largely in your hands! As of the time of making this post, you will be able to head over to your Advanced Class Forum and you will find a post where you can begin nominations for who your Class Representative will be. After a span of time (a week or so) we will create a poll with the names we saw mentioned most, by each AC, and you will vote on who you want your rep to be! I want to note that Class Representatives will be shared across mirrored ACs, so Sentinel and Marauder will have the same representative. We are still going to allow one to be selected for each, but they will rotate in their responsibilities.
Remember PVE and PVP folks, stuff the ballot box in an orderly fashion to get your class issues out front!

Nominations should be player generated, but the final selection should be done by BW.