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Granted i stumbled upon 36/3/7 in a different way (while trying out 36/4/6 on my own a few weeks ago and not by reading his guide which has been out for months now). I'd like to nominate:

SamuelIA for his Sharpshooter discussion.

Now I may be a little bit biased because i love 36/3/7 now and looking back at the time of his original SS guide, he saw the potential in something when nobody else did (I am guilty of this! lol. After reading his 1st guide, i was like "hmm. ok another MMzzz sniper with corrosivezzz dart. i think i'll stick to rolley polley sniper kthx!).

The only thing hindering the popularization of this build is him not having enough time (and ping) to test it out for hours and provide parses as proof. I am still stoked at how powerful his 36/3/7 build is in raids. NiM TFB 8man last night showed my Full UW geared Sniper doing "competitive" DPS against everybody else wearing mix UW/KD offhand gear

Thank you SamuelIA for discovering 36/3/7
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