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You mention terms, I would hope that possibly people could be re-elected but with a possible cool down between periods? I mean if there is someone who is amazingly awesome with regard to a specifc AC, I would hope that it would just be a one time deal and then never to be heard from again. At the same time I get why you want terms, because we don't want a situation where people get this position and then spend their entire time trying to get elected by making promises, then when they get elected they do just enough to get by and spend the rest of the time working on getting reelected again... (yes that was a bit of political humor... sorry)

In all seriousness, I like the idea behind this initiative and I hope this will help increase a dialog between the classes and the combat team. As was stated we don't want to just be listened to, we want to be heard. While I get that there are good reasons for "we feel class x is in a good position regarding ability to accomplish y", more expansion on WHY you feel that way will be helpful so we can either reformulate our question or simply put the issue to rest.

I am sure they felt they had great reason to make some of the changes they did, when they made them, but just telling us that the changes are staying without at least giving some background on WHY you made the change, I think, is where a large part of the issues come from.

Anyway, I got really excited by this, and can't wait to see more!
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