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Quote: Originally Posted by Nothematic View Post
Sounds like a good idea. The only problems I can foresee is if a representative either a) puts their own personal issues on the list rather than that of the communities or b) decides they don't want to do it anymore.

I take it you have plans in place to deal with these?
a) This is certainly something that could be an issue, but I think it would be fairly obvious that this was the case when the list is submitted

b) They only have to do it once, so I hope that situation won't occur. If it does than the next in line of votes can take their place, or their mirror from the other faction.

Quote: Originally Posted by ninjonxb View Post
One thing, PvE vs PvP. The 2 groups will most likely have 2 very different sets of questions.

Could I recommend increasing the question count to 4 and make it required that 2 be PvE and 2 be PvP based? Maybe with 2 reps for each AC (one for PvE and one for PvP?
Although I like this idea and appreciate what it is trying to accomplish, we are trying to not put too many restrictions in place until we have to. What is there are 3 major PvP concerns for a class? We don't want to restrict what people can and cannot ask.

However, we will definitely monitor what is coming in and if we see that a certain group feels ignored, we will adjust.
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