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I just kind of figure to do my own thing and if I get good enough, maybe a good PvP guild will want me to join. Joined one since the guild I came here with sort of faded away since launch, but it felt forced. I want to play with people I feel I mesh with in PvP, and that they feel I serve them well, rather than just being another member recruited to just add to their numbers. Get plenty of random invites, but if it isn't someone who I have fought with, I am not that interested. Maybe I'm too picky
Not the best way to do it. Good pvp guilds usually only recruit server known best at class players. Word of mouth is the best way to find a good pvp guild. Ask around on your server, if you talk to enough people you will come to a consensus on who is who. Also keep in mind if you continue to see the same guilds in wzs more than likely they are a pvp guild
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