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Sorry - should have been more clear. What i meant was that I was surprised to hear you guys were leaving tfb.
Ah, gotcha.

We are also very close on DG, honestly, could kill it any night now. There are a few reasons ...

By not going into S+V, now that it is available, we are crippling ourselves in the freshest content race. We already "lost" TFB - I think that our raid group is stronger than ever and has a legitimate chance to compete in S+V - if we stay to finish TFB, we will be weeks behind in both. When all is said in done, people look at the latest operation for progression.

The vast majority of my raid group prefers S+V as an operation over TFB - so it is largely about making everyone happy/having more fun.

We can probably get more gear from S+V - we don't know if there is an early DG like fight, but we have only been getting bracers (And whatever random loot off TWH - since we have never skipped ahead to kill the later things). We don't want to put ourselves further behind, loot-wise, than we already have.

Whenever we do wind up finishing S+V, I'm sure we will go back and clear TFB - I'm sure it won't be that much easier from the gear we get (as long as they don't nerf) that it won't still feel like a nice accomplishment to kill them. The only real downside I see from all this is that we are pretty much burning a lot of the hard work we have already put into them since it may be weeks until we return and we might become rusty.