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07.10.2013 , 11:58 AM | #512
What is it with all the DPS being in tank stance lately? Had two of those today again. In Athiss SM, it was a guardian. I told him right in the beginning to please switch stances, but he claimed he wasn't in tank stance anymore.
I didn't heal him throughout the entire flashpoint, hoping he would die, but the endboss wasn't kind enough to give him his mean debuff.
He wasn't tank specced, but I was very certain he was truly in tank stance and not in DPS stance as he claimed. He pulled aggro from the tank several times (the tank wasn't a bad tank) and he taunted several times (even in boss fights).
I'm really sad he didn't die. I am just so fed up with DPS in tank stance, I see them all the time and none of them switch to DPS stance.