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07.10.2013 , 11:47 AM | #32
Looks like the new patch brought a fix to a few achievement-related things.

-Tirsa Champion vehicle now available (part of Legacy/Possessions)
-Space Combat Mastery Achievements can now supposedly be obtained for the following missions (so 100% *should* be attainable for everyone):
  • Fondor Escort
  • Javaal Fleet Action
  • Saleucami Fleet Action
  • Sullust Interception
  • Drexel Sweep
-Junior Research Project now saves progress upon logout (Now we can have more than 0% in the Events tab)
-Republic players are now able to find a Lore Object granting the Codex entry "Caught Between Two Foes, so Loremaster of Hoth can be completed

Some other codex fixes as well, though not aware of them previously preventing achievement unlocks.

Quote: Originally Posted by MitchPB View Post
It could be a retroactive bug, i leveled 2 agents before achievements were released and it says incomplete.
Also, I can confirm that playing through Act one of the Agentís story on a post 2.0 character does unlock that achievement. Apparently the bug is just retroactive and doesn't affect new Agent characters.

The Sallust Interception bonus unlocked for me as soon as I logged in, so Iíll post the first 100% for Space. Also, up to 15335 overall points.

Finally, someone found my old thread on Harbinger, so here is their update.

Jennacydal (Harb)

Total Achievement Points 20310

Total Legend Ranks 7