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07.10.2013 , 11:16 AM | #510
This isn't so much a weird player but probably one of my most fun FPs. Was leveling up my OP and GF put me into The Foundry. So me, two Sith Assassains (one tank), and a powertech are matched up. Make it through the first boss no problems. Everything is going relatively smooth. Get to HK and the PT hadn't done the fight before I guess so we are a little slow on pulling up the powercore on HK but we manage through it. Now through the FP we had CC'd two packs of Elite Jedi so we could just walk by them. We get to Revan and the PT apparently fell off the side at the beginning of the fight, so its just the 3 of us. I start doing more DPS then I normally would watching my energy. It goes slow but we do kill him. Do the gear rolls waiting to start the conversation at the end.

So the three of us are chilling waiting for PT to come back. I see her and behind her are the 6 Jedi elites we skipped! I type in chat "JEDI!" we turn to go fight the PT gets killed before we make it over to her. I'm just casting heals as fast as I can using all my CD thinking the whole time "we are so dead" not one of us is above 50% health the whole time. Somehow someway we kill all six of them and I'm just laughing for the next five minutes cause I can't believe it haha. Get some compliments on my healing wish everyone well on one of the most fun FPs I've done.