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07.10.2013 , 10:30 AM | #509
This one happened to me last week and this time it was me.
I que'd in my shadow tank (which is almos full 69) for a 50HM to get the basic comms. GF dropped me on LI which I always hesitate to do with a GF group even after all the nerfs. upon entering I asked if everyone has done it, my bro was with me and he knows it well, so I'm waiting for the reply of the other dps and the healer. Healer says he's done it but not as heals only dps, which if fine by me. Other dps(sent) stayed quite and didn't speak. After noticing he new his way around all mobs I decide he knows it. We start well, sent is moving fast but is being a good dps and always waits for me to agro the mobs even though he has like 32K health. We make it to droid and I noticed he took agro from me a couple times, we down the boss without even making it half way through room. This is when I start looking at the sent's gear and notice he has a lot of 72's but we are moving so fast I only get to look a quick glance at his gear. Right after elevator before the king kong boss I decide to keep walking while I look at the sent's gear (my main is a sent and wanted to look at how he min/max since I always learning from others dps how to improve my dps); while I'm at it I forget we have to click panel to extend bridge so I keep walking to a long and painful death, I reset and heals says to me "did you trip over your shoelaces". I laughed and told why I fell and that I was looking at sent's gear. Sent finally says something since we started FP and tell me "so now is my fault" we laughed again and finished FP without any issues. In the end here I was trying to look like a grand and important tank while everyone follows my lead, yet I do the only dumb thing anyone did during the FP.
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