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Steven Moffat used to be a colleague of my brother at work , I agree he has created some scary monsters , the silence you mention are quite frightening too.

Remember when they re-introduced the Dalek's , when they ran up some stairs and thought they where safe ? I used to play such Dalek games as a child and when I saw them fly up the stairs It broke all the rules of safely running away from them as a kid ( in my mind ).

My favourite companion has to be K-9 , so wish he would come back again.

Is everyone looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode ? Tenant and Piper are supposed to be in it .


Um yes. Though I was very disappointed in Series 7, I am psyched about the 50th anniversary show. I need to make a Doctor Who get together for the 50th.

Also, with Moffat saying we shouldn't believe everything we've heard/read, I'm thinking maybe Eccleston will be a part of it. That is what I take from his comments. Of course that is a long shot, considering his chilly disposition to ever returning to Doctor Who.
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