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If I didn't have to use group finder I wouldn't, but I do because of the 10 daily comm reward. My solution to slow tanks/heals (like the op) is to get a guildy who also wants basic comms to que with me. If the pulls are too slow or people don't spacebar we vote kick them then blow through the FP in under 15 minutes.

Let me be clear, the ONLY reason we are there is for the comms to buy isotope 5s. We do not care about the carebeares who want to watch the story in HM or want to take their time and practice their class.

If you cannot learn your role while leveling through content 1-55, then you do not deserve to run a HM.

Do yourself a favor and learn to appreciate the people who do this. We are getting you through the FP in minimal time and passing on all loot.

Oh, and before you say "well your going to wipe if you don't have a healer or tank" think again - our companions are much better geared and most likely skilled than you will likely ever be.
We had exactly the same discussion over at German forums and one guy who wrote just about the same as you. Consensus was: It's a matter of politeness, when you're in a group, to act to what the group's wish of going about is. That is: All 4 people, decided democratically. If 4 people say "Let's rush this!" fine, then it's rushed. If 3 people want to take their time, the one who doesn't want to is always free to leave. If it's 2 vs. 2, well then again it's a matter of politeness and good manners to figure out what's to be done.

I'm in FPs only for the comms as well, I may not have cleared TFB NiM yet like you did, but Kelsara's down to 20, so I know a little bit how to play.

But when I go for pugged FPs I bring enough time with me and I do respect other players' wishes. If it's a rush, I consider myself lucky, if it's anormal run as it was designed, then that's that.

Of course the game gives you the possibility to vote kick anyone who doesn't match your play style. But that's not acting in accordance with the spirit of an MMO, which draws a huge part of its fascination by the fact that it's played by, well, different kinds of people. That's not a matter of being a top gamer or not, it's more a question of what kind of person you want to be...
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