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But isn't that what you're doing? You are complaining and no doubt wanting to kick the people for not playing the way that you want to play.

Please don't be a hypocrite. At least I know and am proud that I'm an elitist ******e.
I don't vote kick people, unless they become insufferable jerks to the rest of the group, continuously actively jeopardize success of the group, or disconnect for longer periods of time. and I, unlike you, don't assume that I'm god's gift to gaming. being proud of being an *** doesn't make it a good thing to be an ***, nor does it equal "favor" to the group that they "need to learn to appreciate"

this game works on a trinity system. which I respect. you respect nothing, but your own wishes. its not a good thing.

you know what you want. you stomp all over people who are not 100% on board in letting you get what you want. stick to others that you know want the same thing you do. and then you DARE to claim that you are making it more fun for people you are stomping all over? and how dare they be ungrateful and not appreciate it?