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But isn't that what you're doing? You are complaining and no doubt wanting to kick the people for not playing the way that you want to play.

Please don't be a hypocrite. At least I know and am proud that I'm an elitist ******e.
Well, there is a general consesus of how things should normally go. If you would like to do it different, then at least you could ask the others if they're on board with you and your playstyle. And if they're not, it shouldn't be their problem. But you're making it theirs by kicking them out.

Also don't forget that there's another very easy and fast sollution for your speedruns (besides bringing guildies, that has already been pointed out).
Use the general chat on the fleet to ask if there are any takers. Just like other folks, who do this with Esseles/Black Talon social runs. I'm pretty sure there will be numerous takers of your offer of free gear and comms in 15 mins.