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07.10.2013 , 03:57 AM | #127
I also have 2 computers and each time I log in I get asked about this one time password.
I started swtor as F2P and all was good. no one time password or anything like this.
Now that I'm a subscriber it changed and i get asked to put in one time password each time.

I don't want this and i don't want and I don't want some token program to generate the password myself.
My account has never been hacked since I started playing rpgs (Mods to be precise) and only had username and password.
This looks like forcing the customer to get an authenticator, which I refuse to have.
Please remove this each time password, because i even get it when I log off from one computer and then later log in again with the same computer which still has the same ip address I get asked the password again.

I think the only solution for me is to stop my subscription and go back to F2P to not have this each time.
Or to maybe just quit swtor. Started recently so no community yet to keep me here atm, just the game (which atm I still like).
Would be a shame thou for a game to loose player due to their insistance to force the one time password.