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07.10.2013 , 03:50 AM | #506
Got backfilled as a tank in Mandalorian Raiders. They were after the Republic boarding party, right before the two elevators. We all jumped on the first one, but I was the only one to jump on the second elevator, so I waited down there in a safe distance to the three strong mobs.
Someone up there pulled mobs, the situation became chaotic, because I needed to wait for the elevator to get to them, but they came down, pulling the three strong mobs as well. The two DPS died, I tried to get as much aggro as possible quickly (have no aoe taunt yet), two mobs were still on the elevator, making it hard to fight them. Healer managed to keep both him and me alive.
One DPS respawns and runs back to us, second DPS just lay there writing: "Help, I am dead, heal me please". We were still in the middle of the fight...
As soon as we were finished, someone revived him and he said thanks.
I noticed he was in tank stance...
Before we engaged the last boss, I wrote in chat: "turrets first", because I already suspected he had no clue.
But of course he kept fighting the boss throughout the entire fight no matter how often we wrote turrets need to be killed first.
In the end I said: just stop healing him
DPS died... funnily, it was much smoother from then on.
He cried "help" again and healer replied: "leave me alone"

We looted, he just kept laying there, but no one felt like reviving him. He rolled need on the cunning gloves, even though he was strength based and the healer, an Operative, rolled need on them. DPS got them...
I put him on ignore after leaving the flashpoint. Last thing I read from him was: "come on! help me so I can go"

I guess he was just a pretty new player, but... in Mandalorian Raiders you should already know you can just stand up anytime and revive at a Medcenter. You should be in DPS stance...
But most of all: If you're told turrets first, kill the turrets first!