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A guildie and I queud for a 55hm and we got Athiss. Things were going very well.
The tank didn't loose agro and kept most mobs away from healer.
My guildie and I made sure the adds were dead before they were even close to the healer.
And the healer kept everyone alive with good healing.

For some reason the tank and heal got in a fight. They were both saying that the other had to learn how to play their character. But actually the tank was just being a big moron.
At one point the tank said somehting like "I could give you a few pointers".
I wanted to throw in a (on second thought lame) joke. So i said something like: "Please don't talk about pointers, I just took a break from c++".

The tank didn't understand so I explained

We reached the beast of vodal kresh and the tank and healer continued the fight, causing the healer to leave.
We found a new healer and while waiting the tank decided to vote a kick against me. reason was something like "learn to play, go back to your c++" or basicly anything as stupid as this.
The new healer voted yes so I got kicked. After that they kicked my guildie for being in the same guild as me.

I met many morons in groupfinder. Especially dps who queu as tank. But this guy was new to me.
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