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as a healer? I don't give a damn how much higher your health is then tank's. you have crap for mitigation and are a nightmare to heal, WHILE trying to also keep up tank who is still attempting to tank something anything, seeing as being dps you generate just enough threat to turn my life into a living hell. if I'm lucky, tank manages to grab everything that ran away from you, trying to kill me, so at least i don't have to try to keep myself up in addition to your squishy butt as well as the tank. I'm not always that lucky.

High endurance doesn't mean you can tank as a dps. Hell, usually a 40k+ health tank is harder to heal then a 35k one, ‘cause almost always he just sacrificed mitigation for endurance, which is stupid.

And don't come with that high horse talking that in 69+ gear a dps won't require much healing when he's tanking. That's only your perception, and one which is totally wrong at that. You're not tanking, you're just going in, take an initial big spike of damage, then all mobs and even their mother – with the exception of the one you're pummeling on – will turn their attention to the healer, or other members of the group if they could manage to hit them. You can really stress out a low geared healer this way, when damage is all over the place. Not talking about the tank, who just doesn’t know now where to start to gather back agro an all those mobs.

Btw, the overlevelling part is true. If everyone is almost in Black Market, then the current HM55FPs are a faceroll – which doesn’t mean they should be tweaked harder, rather the overgeared players need to go to OPSes –, and I even prefer some frak ups (trigger happy dps, tunnel visioned tank…). At least that way there are a tiny bit of excitement and challenge.