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don't get me wrong. i LOVE this game. i still rush home from work to play all night every day, and will continue to do so...

but man, black talon was so good. lots of story segments, lots of player dialogue/choices..

hammer station, athiss, mandalorian raiders, and cademimu (spelling not sure on last one) - the first 4 after black talon..

all identical. and not in a good way. the combat's fine, the bosses/level design are fine...

but there's literally the same thing for all 4.

a: talk to malgus via holo terminal
b: go in, halfway thru, hit spacebar after a series of who-gives-a-darn text, then choose either light side (save random people) or dark side (kill said random people). with no dialogue, just the winning character pressing a button on a machine
c: talk to malgus via holo terminal after you leave

that's it.

anyone else disappointed in that?

i'm HOPING some instances in future will be as immersing as black talon.

at least the "operations" at 50, etc.

The 30-40 Flashpoints and some endgame ones have as much dialogue as BT.

And honestly, all that dialogue gets