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I'm a noob, been playing only a few days. My toon and his companion are lvl 17s, and somehow the companion lost her blaster. I don't know how or when it happened. I happened to notice her punching, looked at the character and found the blaster missing. Is there somewhere to get another blaster or does anyone know how/why this may have happened? She's almost useless without her weapon.
I'm going to lay out a possibility here that may be incorrect. It happened to me the first week or so I played. Are you SURE she lost her blaster? That can be seen in the character sheet below the toon of the character itself by pressing "C" for Character. Don't confuse this with the toolbar menu at the bottom of your main screen where there is likely a blaster-like icon. In other words, you may be confusing an ABILITY with a THING. The icons on your main menu are abilities, not things, that use (mostly) the same "blaster," i.e.: You can have Rapid Shots, Rail Shots, Death from Above, etc. (all Bounty Hunter stuff) that are different abilities with different characteristics, cooldowns, etc. that use the same "thing," the blaster. You NEVER ACTUALLY TOUCH the blaster itself on the character menu. You click on the abilities to use them.

How does the ability disappear? It's easy. First, your toolbar may be unlocked. Look at the bottom left. See the padlock icon? Is it "unlocked"? If it is, I'll bet you just managed to drop the ability-you-thought-was-a-blaster. When you're moving fast it's easy to do. To get it back, take a look in your Abilities Menu (At the top. I forget what it looks like, so just scroll through the icons until you see "Abilities." Look through the Abilities list. I'll bet you'll find your "blaster" on there. Just grab it and re-insert it on your toolbar, then LOCK the toolbar by clicking on the padlock to prevent it from happening again.

Now, I've either nailed this right on or I'm so off the mark that it is embarrassing.