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You seem to be implying that its a negative that one of the Assassin specs relies on sneak attacks despite the fact that the Inquisitor thrives on being a cunning SOB. My point is that the Inquisitor may be a force prodigy, but that does not mean that they'd be instantly torn to pieces if the Warrior got up in their face with a lightsaber.
I know I don't tend to rely on stealth on my Sin/Shadow (Deception/Infiltration specs). And control? I shoot lightning/throw a boulder that if I'm lucky might stun an enemy. Low Strike does have the stun, but never relied on it.

But that spec is rather simple spec imo (but also more fun imo). My Rage/Force (think that was the Rep side equivalent spec) Spec didn't use force abilities as much (Smash had some Force Effect) though I did like to throw in Force Choke all the time.
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