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Some good stuff there, a good come back after the last pack being a bit poor.

Last pack did have great blasters as the only good things added, but I feel that the versions in this new pack just ruin the design with flashy effects. Its not needed. The less flashy effects the better. That goes for the entire game by the way.

Stuff I like are the mira's outfit though it could have been a bit darker green, and the relnex robes. Sadly still with short sleeves, but its good to see a descent jedi robe without a hood up for once. A bit sad actually that people had to wait so long for this.

The other armors are kind of alright, nothing great and pretty much just slight color variations of whats already in the game. If recoloreable, that scout jacket might be pretty neat.

Dyes are too loud, like pretty much all dyes already in the game. I'd like to see more subtle colors added.
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