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None of your explanations hold water for me. First, if only a small number of people read your forums, then why do you bother? Why are you even employed as a community manager, if you are only helping 5% of the player base? Seems like BW could put your salary to better use by killing your job and hiring another developer/designer. That would make 95% of the player base happier, with more content for their money.

Second, you've done a decent job of saying when something isn't a "guarantee". Like today's patch, that's coming out tomorrow. The forums will talk about it, of course. But I'd rather bad news, than no news.

And that's what you are saying. You 5% don't matter enough for us to ask your opinion, because the negative backlash isn't worth it. Ummmm...honestly, is that really the message you were hoping to send? I sure hope not.
You obviously don't know what the community team does if you think it's just the forums.

Has there ever been a problem with people on the forums expressing their opinions? That's basically all the general discussion section of the forums is these days. All he's saying is that BW creating a poll for forum users will give the wrong impression the results of the poll are more important and represent more players than it actually does. Frankly, an in-game poll or an email poll would be the way to go if they were going to do any kind of poll.