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07.09.2013 , 04:10 PM | #1
i know how to play the toon, i have a geared 55 of the same class, the stats are f_ked, there's no way it can be doing 2/3 the dps of the rest of the toons...especially less optimized geared than mine. 98% changed by itself since yesterday. 30% crit, it went down from yesterday, 71% surge it went up from yesterday, level 142 gear on a 52 gunslinger. out of battleground stats are 105 accuracy, 34% crit, 62 surge (dunno how that stat scales up as per the way scaling is supposed to work. obviously something is broken.

In a week i have yet to get anything but a cut and paste generic reply that has been sent for ALL issues, i know all the ******** in that, i can prolly give better support on the problems in the game than half the gms (considering i've fixed 70% of the techical problems the game creates myself)
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