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Let's say we make a poll about which species players would like to see added next on the forums, and 70% of the poll answers Togruta. Then, in our metrics and data gathering from multiple sources outside the forums, we see that 70% of that data, which is of a higher volume, says players want Gungans. When we announce the next species is Gungans, players on the forums will only look at that poll which was posted here and try to exclaim that "everyone wants Togruta."

Well, make both then? And let the subscribers on the forums decide which one they would rather have for free, the other would be on the CM and tradeable and therefore available to everyone.

I see you make items and weapons and blasters all the time with the cartel packs. How about take some of the really cool ones out...make a poll and ask the forum members (or poll voters) which one they would like as a gift....because all forum members are subscribers right? And keep the other ones in game....still...available to everyone.