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None of your explanations hold water for me. First, if only a small number of people read your forums, then why do you bother? Why are you even employed as a community manager, if you are only helping 5% of the player base? Seems like BW could put your salary to better use by killing your job and hiring another developer/designer. That would make 95% of the player base happier, with more content for their money.

Second, you've done a decent job of saying when something isn't a "guarantee". Like today's patch, that's coming out tomorrow. The forums will talk about it, of course. But I'd rather bad news, than no news.

And that's what you are saying. You 5% don't matter enough for us to ask your opinion, because the negative backlash isn't worth it. Ummmm...honestly, is that really the message you were hoping to send? I sure hope not.
Hey Kurin!

Forums are a place for discussion, more so than any other medium (such as social media), so the forums are a great place for the Community team to communicate and have conversations with players. That is why you see our activity here. Just in case there was any confusion though, our role as a Community team goes well beyond just the forums, this is where our impact is just most visible (yellow posts!). We also help give feedback and coordinate all marketing publishes to the site, provide feedback to the development team on bugs and future Game Updates, and coordinate and run all Cantina events just to name a few.

To your second question, we absolutely value feedback from the forums. In fact, we regularly pass on suggestions, bugs, and questions from the forums onto our development team. This is also why we continue to communicate with players as often as we do.

This is very different than a poll though. Even with me setting the precedent that something is not a guarantee, players on the forums will often look at a poll as something which "validates an opinion." In using the species example from before, I saw someone propose a great example which I am going to steal

Let's say we make a poll about which species players would like to see added next on the forums, and 70% of the poll answers Togruta. Then, in our metrics and data gathering from multiple sources outside the forums, we see that 70% of that data, which is of a higher volume, says players want Gungans. When we announce the next species is Gungans, players on the forums will only look at that poll which was posted here and try to exclaim that "everyone wants Togruta."

Certainly we could explain that it is not that way, and that we have other means of gathering data. We could say polls are just a way to gauge opinions from one audience. We could say polls are never a guarantee of a choice being made. Even with all of that, polls by their very nature set a mindset that "this thing won, so you should go with it."

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