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07.09.2013 , 03:53 PM | #12
The only two things in the entire pack that interest me are the Volatile Derelict sabers. I love the Derelict saber hilts, and I love the Volatile effect, so those two things are nice.

The Primordial Assault Cannon Besh is OK, the Primordial Sniper Rifle Besh is... meh, I actually prefer the standard version.* The Primarodial Blaster Pistol Besh is "ok"... still hate the Primordial Blaster Rifle. Had you just given the thing a stock it might have been interesting, but without a stock it just looks goofy imo.

I'm not a fan of something as basic as hood down Jedi robes being in Cartel Packs btw... that's something that should go up on the regular market, not in a gamble pack that's going to go away eventually. I don't mind more exotic stuff being in gamble packs (though I'd still prefer to buy it outright); but traditional Jedi robes just seems low.

Finally... something that's really starting to annoy me: Why does every other class get stuff they could reasonably wear, particularly Jedi... but the poor Trooper gets next to nothing? Agents, Smugglers and Bounty Hunters can all wear standard civilian clothes or light armors of various description without issue, Jedi and Sith are both specially catered to routinely... but the Trooper seems to get just about nadda. I grant, putting a big old republic logo on heavy armor does pretty much mean "This is trooper gear" and excludes most other classes... but c'mon, it's not like you don't already do that with Jedi and Sith gear.

And no, for the record, huttball uniforms don't count. Without those giant shoulderpads they might actually be workable, but... no, just no.

*Why on earth have a holographic targeting sight next to the scope? I do not understand the purpose of this... at all.