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That's complete BS.

People who don't use these forums directly are just as concerned as any other soap boxer on this forum. Some more, some less. Its a wash.

See, what YOU don't understand is that YOU aren't that important. Bioware needs to appeal to a much larger base then just the critical vocalists on the forums. You might "care" about the game more (but really you don't) but Bioware doesn't care. Your caring about the game doesn't translate into a good business model. Its the silent majority that needs to be happy.

Bioware will make decisions that benefit the game, not just the 12 people who think they know how to design an MMO.
No they are not. What im saying is; If BW hosted weekly polls, every "monday" where we actually could influence the games diretion in various areas - then the most dedicated players would vote in that poll for sure.

And according to you that would mean that shipload of new ppl would log into the forums and vote - while i think the difference would be marginal because the most dedicated players that wants to influence the game, they are allready here.

Please elaborate why a commited and dedicated player that wants to influence the games direction wouldn't read the forum at least once per week.
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