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The ppl who use forums are the ones that also are most interested in the game and it's development. If someone can't bother to look at a poll once per week - they dont deserve a say in "what spieces" gets implemented either imo.

Either way, i dont really trust your "reason" for not hosting polls. I think its more a matter of not wanting to highlight player "wants" publically because BW knows tthey have a history of failing to deliver any of the poll options.

Prove me wrong by showing me some grand plans for open world pvp, as per this poll you actually did host. Which of these options is in the works to be implemented eh?
That's complete BS.

People who don't use these forums directly are just as concerned as any other soap boxer on this forum. Some more, some less. Its a wash.

See, what YOU don't understand is that YOU aren't that important. Bioware needs to appeal to a much larger base then just the critical vocalists on the forums. You might "care" about the game more (but really you don't) but Bioware doesn't care. Your caring about the game doesn't translate into a good business model. Its the silent majority that needs to be happy.

Bioware will make decisions that benefit the game, not just the 12 people who think they know how to design an MMO.
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