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Well, even the less angry people I come across in-game say they don't like the new direction of the game. I don't pretend to believe I speak for everybody, but if I raise a point and say "people don't want" or whatever, it's from speaking to people in-game. I'm in a few different guilds atm, and I tend to watch general chat a lot of the time, so I get my information from there. That's about as close as you can get to hard data without a poll system at any rate.
Indeed and that's a very close way of data gathering. But remember, for all Bioware know, you're gathering data from one server. Which is why a Poll section works better.

We also need to take into account that ingame polling only works on the current population of the game. We need to figure out a way to get to the players who have already quit and players who haven't reached the legal age to play. That's another reason why I prefer a Social Media poll, despite TUX's logical reasoning against it. If Bioware makes a poll, it only appeals to the current population. If your friend quit the game a few months and during that time an ingame poll went through, they come back to find implemented features they might not like in the game. They'd feel like that because they weren't playing at the time, they missed out on getting their voice heard. So they would have to either stay obligated to keep playing in hopes that the next poll might include their desired feature on it or rely on third parties to keep them in the loop about when the poll comes around.

Now we could remedy that with setting a time and make an annual poll, like the actual Presidential elections, and like the months leading up to it, plaster the announcements all over sites. But as TUX pointed out, we could garner the attention of biased pollers and get skewed results.

Bioware needs to make a way to get the player's feedback and opinions, that does not exclude anyone in the process. It has to be well known enough so that the old players and potential players can see what could be coming, but selective enough so the results are not messed with.

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so why not do polls that express people's opinions of things already in game? "fun" polls, not ones that would lead people to expect something in return, such as:

Favorite Role. dps (even with the longer queue times)
Favorite Faction to play. Empire
Favorite species to play. Human
Favorite class story. agent
Favorite pvp map. huttball
Favorite planet. dromund kaas
Favorite starter planet. hutta
Favorite flashpoint. boarding party
Favorite type of weapon to use. sniper rifle
Favorite empire companion. Dark Jaesa
Favorite republic companion. M1-4X
Favorite crew skill. Cybertech
Favorite spacecraft. Phantom
Favorite armor set. clandestine
Favorite color crystal. Mint green (though i dont have one yet)
Favorite alignment. Mix of neutral-dark

look at that, you do one of those each week, and i already planned the next 4 months for you guys
They actually do that on Facebook.

The general consensus is "Your game sucks, Elder Scrolls/Wildstar FTW"

Thank you, internet.
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And I love Darth Moonshadow's responses.