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I think the first and most important thing is that by us posting a poll, folks will assume that the winner is guaranteed to see action. If we say "What species would you like to see in SWTOR?" and Togruta wins, in your example. Everyone will assume we are definitely going to add Togruta to the game. Unfortunately, it just wouldn't work that way.
so why not do polls that express people's opinions of things already in game? "fun" polls, not ones that would lead people to expect something in return, such as:

Favorite Role. dps (even with the longer queue times)
Favorite Faction to play. Empire
Favorite species to play. Human
Favorite class story. agent
Favorite pvp map. huttball
Favorite planet. dromund kaas
Favorite starter planet. hutta
Favorite flashpoint. boarding party
Favorite type of weapon to use. sniper rifle
Favorite empire companion. Dark Jaesa
Favorite republic companion. M1-4X
Favorite crew skill. Cybertech
Favorite spacecraft. Phantom
Favorite armor set. clandestine
Favorite color crystal. Mint green (though i dont have one yet)
Favorite alignment. Mix of neutral-dark

look at that, you do one of those each week, and i already planned the next 4 months for you guys
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