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For the love of god. can you guys decide which night is the "Scheduled" maintenance night. "Tuesday" or "Wednesday"? (Australian locale) - Many guilds schedule their raids on a Wednesday (Day after weekly server reset)

Many of us have lives outside of swtor and plan raids around our lifestyle for a healthy game\life balance. Many guilds lose out on a full week of raiding every time you guys chop and change the scheduled patch day. I don't really care if it is Tue or Wed, just stick to 1 day please so that we can plan our raids accordingly.

I truly understand the complexity of patching and that sometimes delays can happen, but think about the community of paying customers when you decide to deploy a patch, is this a patch that could of waited until next Tuesday for example.
You do understand that last Thursday was a major holiday here in the US, and because of that, they likely took Friday off as well?

Meaning - any development and testing (giggle) that goes into the patch that would normally be done on Friday had to be done on Monday, and then fixes applied Tuesday for a Wednesday patch?