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07.09.2013 , 01:43 PM | #66
Would it be easier to enter a subroutine into sending a poll link to all of the chars in the game( linked to one account) to the website and upon answering deleting the remaining messages on the other chars.

Or Setting up a poll message, inquiering to participate in a poll about subject 'x', those that decline are registered as neutral and the those that accept the poll can answer it accordingly.
The same thing like when we get the message to resub e.g. when ending our subscribtion and get the message.

And about the idea of harrasing people with polls, Bioware. Simply give people the option to select if they want to participate in polls yes or no, in a tab on our 'my account' on the website.

So that takes care of the amount of people responding to that issue.

Now, about the use of polls.

Eric. For you I have one remark. If you ask questions as: "What species would you like to see in SWTOR?", ofc people would like to see the winner pick come first. MMO's still need to learn that they need to give players a certain amount of transperancy what they have in the making for players, so they have an idea - based on the feedback they get from those announcements - of how it will be received by those players.
Give us polls about future projects... or priorities for content or whatever can be done. Whether we would like a new species or prefer a new planet or if we would like to get our guildships first

So you guys can serve us customers better. And wasn't that one of your remarks Eric? Or was it Bruce or Mr. Cody's remark? That they said that they were there for us and offer of the best service there is for 'their' customers...

I'd like to get some feedback from you guys on this frankly...