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Yeah, I didn't say that was the current state of the game. I said that you feel like you're not being listened to because your desired feature isn't here now. I never said the game is fine. The only minority we know for certain is the forum minority. Your idea of "many people ingame" is also subjective. It could be ten people, it could be twenty. Now compared to the 50k estimated subscribers and who knows how many Preferred and Free Players, you may very well be a "minority". You could also just be the minority who's complaints or suggestions may coincide with the Majority. You can't really tell unless you polled every across the game, all day,every day, for some amount of years at every hour to catch any offliners or sporadic subscribers.

People's anger would still the same. Angry is angry. Either way, someone gets pissed and rants.
Well, even the less angry people I come across in-game say they don't like the new direction of the game. I don't pretend to believe I speak for everybody, but if I raise a point and say "people don't want" or whatever, it's from speaking to people in-game. I'm in a few different guilds atm, and I tend to watch general chat a lot of the time, so I get my information from there. That's about as close as you can get to hard data without a poll system at any rate.