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07.09.2013 , 01:30 PM | #56
As a starter cosmetics play zero role in class balance. So if your angle is cosmetics logic is non-existent. Its like saying imperial dancer should not be heavy armor. In addition, I played 6 out of 8 advanced classes and they all are 4-5 buttons rotation based. So please spare us the illogical argument of pyro was "3 button win." Needless to say as well is that class complexity (and none them are) and damage output ARE NOT CORRELATED.

As for balance, in terms of dps for PvE the formula is: damage potential + utility = class performance. Now PT falls really short compared to other classes (and they are supposed to be equal). Damage output is not there and zero utility as dps.

PvP balance is a bit more complicated, as you have survivability, burst damage and mobility as additional factors in the equation. Never the less PT falls really short again except in mobility, which is a secondary factor to damage output (burst and sustained) and survivability.