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Hey folks,

Thought this might be a good place to explain our reasoning on why you don't see a lot of polls from us on the forums. Some of you have already covered some of them but I thought it would be good to get some yellow text behind it.

I think the first and most important thing is that by us posting a poll, folks will assume that the winner is guaranteed to see action. If we say "What species would you like to see in SWTOR?" and Togruta wins, in your example. Everyone will assume we are definitely going to add Togruta to the game. Unfortunately, it just wouldn't work that way.

Another reason is that you have to realize how much of a minority of players actually use the forums. Without looking at the actual numbers and guessing from the top of my head, I would say less than 5% of our subscribers use the forums regularly. Keep in mind that even less than that % would even answer the poll. That is a pretty tiny group of folks to let make actionable decisions on, which is why we use a lot of facets of data (including the forums) to make decisions, and not them alone.

One time where we have used polls, like for the Party Jawa, is when we already have plans in place to implement all of the relevant choices. The Party Jawa, which won the poll (on the forums and on Facebook) was given to players for appreciation, while the other two were still available but placed in the market.

I am not saying you will never see polls from us again, but they are tricky as players tend to take them as a guarantee, as opposed to just a tool to gauge opinion.

Hopefully that makes sense!

So I understand the first reason. A poll can't guarantee something happening.

However, For the forum reason. What about some sort of in game polling system. (Aion does something like this) with a reward for doing it. Keeping the polls simple (this would also not disclose the results to anyone except you)