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Hard to Say as both are player Characters....

However, with the Forcewalking abilities - I just think that the Inquisitor has more potential than the Warrior...

Personally I think that the Forcewalking ability has just been touched upon and used in kind of a desperate emergency to counter Thanaton. Now that the Inquistor has overcome him and is part of the Dark Council (somewhat grudgingly) and is somewhat free to explore the Esoteric Secrets of the force - I think that there may be a lot more secrets to be unlocked with this power (or a way to amp up yourself to ridiculous levels)
Remember that very few people in history had this ability - and even all those that had it could only bind one ghost at a time ... The Inquisitor is the only person that was able to bind more than one spirit - in fact the inquisitor was able to Bind 4 - This gives a lot of scope of what a good Writer could do with the Inquisitor and can easily be used to explain why the Inquisitor could justifiably surpass everyone else

I can see the Warrior as the Right hand of the Emperor - but I could see the Inquisitor potentially eventually being able to surpass the Dark Council and then even becoming the Emperor.......
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Tulak Hord is only an unknown because he killed anyone that has ever seen him fight.