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You want to find out what subscribers want?

Instead of question of the day, make polls about what your paying customers want.

For example:

What playable species would you like to see next?

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Seriously Bioware make a weekly poll with a few questions, or even one, find out what your subscribers want. Such a simple thing like polls can make so much difference, it gives the chance for you to see numbers, for the community to vote, and will improve your relationship with your subscribers, knowing that they are given the option to choose the future of this game...

How about...make the most voted example for free...the other 2 would be on the CM...and tradeable by players...

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

Another reason is that you have to realize how much of a minority of players actually use the forums. Without looking at the actual numbers and guessing from the top of my head, I would say less than 5% of our subscribers use the forums regularly. Keep in mind that even less than that % would even answer the poll. That is a pretty tiny group of folks to let make actionable decisions on, which is why we use a lot of facets of data (including the forums) to make decisions, and not them alone.

Oh so thats why. The 5% of forum users don't matter.

Why should people who don't vote or use the forums get a say in this? And ruin it for the people who voted just because the majority didnt vote?