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07.09.2013 , 09:36 AM | #504
Had another odd group yesterday.

I queue up on my Scoundrel healer and get matched with a group in progress for Mandalorian Raiders HM. I walk in, and the group had just started. This immediately worries me, whenever a group had a healer who left at the very start of the FP. I don't ask the nagging question of why he left, so we begin to pull. I notice the Sage (dps) is wearing a mix of leveling greens and a few BH pieces, netting him just nearly 19k HP, along with quite low willpower. The Guardian (tank) was new to the FP (he stated in chat) and probably newer to tanking in general (but I applaud him, because he tried his best to learn the new things in the FP.) He was decently geared, in 66s (some blue some purple) and had about 27k HP. The Vanguard DPS knew what he was doing and was well geared. We proceed through the trash without problem until the pull in the hallway with all the dogs (ugh I hate that one.) We start off and the tank leaps to the Mandalorian ranged adds (No ccs) while the Sage and Vanguard begin to destroy the group with AoEs. The Sage (being the first to hit) pulls agro from the dogs, and I have to spam heal him to keep him alive, wasting some resources. Then the Vanguard pulls and I have to spam heal him to keep him alive. I have to devote some of my heals to the tank, whose health bar is dropping, but during that time, the Vanguard died, and I felt absolutely horrible for letting him down. The mobs agro on me next, forcing me to use my CDs, and heal myself. The Sage again gets agro (I used my agro drop) And I have to spam heal him to keep him alive. Then the guardian pulls the dogs, and I am out of resources to heal him (And myself who was at about 25% HP) so we wipe. I explain to the guard to get agro on dogs too, but during the next pull, the reverse happens, he gets the dogs, but leaves the ranged to destroy me and the Vanguard. The next time we try, we beat it though.

The last dog pull before the 1st boss, goes perfect, the tank gets all the adds on him and we breeze though it. I was surprised. We wipe the floor with the first boss, and all the trash up to the second boss, again much to my surprise. But on the boarding party, we hit a brick wall. the tank gets agro on the Inquis, but the BH and Agent are on me and eat me up, while the Warrior runs around hitting people. The squishiness of the Sage was hard to heal with here, as when I tried to drop agro, he picked it up first, and it was a nightmare trying to heal him, and I felt so bad when he died (I always blame myself whenever someone dies for whatever reason.) The Sage quits, and we get a Gunslinger replacement. With the GS we mow through the boarding party with no issues, again I was very surprised.

We then go effortlessly though the next trash until we get to Gil. We explain the fight to the Guard who gets the tactics down, but we hit enrage at 20%. I say we should just skip Gil. so we do, but almost comically, someone (Including myself) pulled Gil while we walked to the final boss. It was almost funny, except that we fought him a million times, most of which when we were not ready, but nobody dies, we just reset on the wing. We get to the turrets, and the Guardian pulls when we are not ready (GS isn't even there). And he is almost dead by the time I get back, which I try to spam heal him, again wasting my resources, when I pull agro from the second turret. I die, and we pull Gil one more time (This was the time it was my fault) And the turrets start shooting when the GS is behind a wall, they shoot THROUGH the wall, I had no idea what was up with them. We explain the final boss, and on the second jump, the boss is hit before turrets and he does the third jump, leaving the turrets to kill us. We reiterate to kill turrets first, and we breeze though the fight. I guess the weird thing was that every pull/boss was either a brick wall or a snoozefest, mechanics/gear make a huge difference.