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07.09.2013 , 08:54 AM | #503
Last night in Cade, I was harshly reprimanded by a Vanguard tank (doing an impresive good tanking by the way) for criticizing my own class (sage). He said I was doing serious damage and I replied with:

Me: “yeah, good dps’ing but crap armor”
Vang: “Hey, you can’t have everything I’ve been busting my **s for you to make the better use of your abilities right… so then dps and don’t complain about minor things that are covered by the hearler”

Later he told me that his main is a sage and the healer is one of his guildmates (his wife).

Last night I didn’t replay anymore because I’d been kicked out in a split second, but now that he’s not listening... I’m right Mr. Vanguard, sages has crap armor, there I said it again…. I can tell, my main is a sage too. You have the luck of having your wife as companion, but not everyone has that kind of luck, and, some healers don’t even know about the sages having the lightest armor in the game fact. So you end up dying time and again. It takes experienced healers to keep up with you (the tank) and the sages when bosses and adds threat is high. I only wish BW, would balance sage’s armor a little bit more. Too low score no matter how good the combination you make to level it.

Man that feels good, expressing yourself without been reprimanded. Good therapy.