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I'd love to see it, and I don't mean to be a downer, but its never going to happen.

Yes there is a 300 year period in which in could easily take place without causing any continuity issues or retcons, but from a business perspective its highly inadvisable. Mainly because if KOTOR 3 were produced and released I can assure you that there would be a mass exodus from SWTOR to play the new game and BioWare would experience a massive drop in subscribers. And right now BioWare can't afford that.

Really write now the Star Wars RPG market is somewhat off limits, which is a shame.
I really don't see that happening.. I mean yeah I have no doubt it would be a good game but there's no way the game would have as much content as SWTOR. People might take a break to play but unsubscribing to play a game they could finish in a few days?? I doubt it.
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