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07.09.2013 , 04:59 AM | #502
Some days ago I queued for a HM fp with a low geared dps (sage) I know
Me being a healer (scoundrel) we got a really quick pop, Atthis:
Heal: me
Dps: my friend (sage) and a really good commando
Tank: guardian

So after the first pull I immediately recognized the sort if guardian I had gotten used to: perfect aggro "his"mob, no aggro on the rest /sigh

But no worries, I am used to terrible tanks so it should be fine. wasn't, at the first boss moving was for noobs apparently
Still no wipe though.

Just before the beast of vodal I has found that:
1.the tank was terrible (gear and threat)
2.the healer and dps were crazy (yup, that's me)
3.commandos are pretty good
4.the healing was boring

It all went sort off cleanly, it could have been ok (I wouldn't even try bonus boss though) but...just before the bonus boss, there were those annoying champions, I forgot that I couldn't cc them from stealth anymore, so I pulled, I ran back to the group and fortunately the tank grabs aggro quickly.
Next pulls go smoothly and after some time me and my friend felt like some more excitement, so I ask him to pull a second champion.
Me being a healer claimed aggro within a sec, so I LoS top be able top stun him for 8 seconds or at least draw attention to it.
In my effort to LoS I fell down the side of the stairs and nearly got stuck, so once I got back up the tank was at 10%, dropping fast, he died and the mando being highest geared he got aggro (and to my surprise was easier to heal, commando tank ftw!)
But after the sage rezed the tank he was apparently angry (lol) and ran ahead to pull TWO MORE champions who attacked me immediately after my long survival (scoundrel ftw!) We wiped and to everyone's surprise (/sarcasm) the tank quit group?!

We got a replacement within 5 minutes with the promising guild name <the fine art of wiping> xD
It turned out he was AWESOME just plain awesome!
We finish fp (with bonus) and we had some good fun
(I feel a little sorry for the commando, he didn't deserve death)