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Yep sorry still not buying it, whatsoever, love your class all you like, the Sith Warrior is NOT more powerful than Malgus, Marr and Jadus they are considered the best the Empire had.

Oh and Jadus clearly wasn't taking anything seriously in that engagement, believing otherwise is foolish.

We know as fact that Nox is considered the least powerful Dark Council member and we have no idea how the Wrath of the Emperor matches up at all.

Unless anyone here can provide sufficient evidence to suggest that the Wrath is more powerful, then just quit.

Simply put it takes four in the False Emperor flashpoint, that should say everything.
Burden of proof switching isn't exactly how a debate works. "He wasn't taking the encounter seriously" is a pretty feeble excuse, tbh.

But then again, False Emperor was not a matter of e-peen measurement, it was an operation to put down a traitor.
You don't seriously expect a SWAT team leader go 1 on 1 against the terrorist leader and face him in the field of honour, do you? No, they bash their way in, taking any advantage they can to secure a 100% fast and clean operation success.
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