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Indeed I am incapable to be on par with your level, for the sake of arguing you've made a wall of text, with at least half the stuff you wrote useless (WoW, animations, class skills, Bodytypes? gg mate), you basically accused me of trying to run this game like a "real life simulator" when I was saying that the Vanguard AC wasn't supposed to be a better dps compared to the Commando because a big canon class is supposed to deal a "bit" more damage than a simple rifle, even in a sci-fi setting, just for the sake of common sense.

I don't have your vocabulary, nor your grammar, nor your "knowledge", but you know what? I stand with what I 've said, none of your arguments proved anything to me, but like I said, I don't possess that smooth vocabulary of yours, so yeah, if you think I got owned, then maybe so, but even like that I say to you "go ***** yourself, you arrogant *****"
First, you should have a little more respect over others then "go ***** yourself, you arrogant *****", and for the rest I'll say Kitru was right to add these things to the subject.

You're telling that the game should follow real life common sense. This tells a big gun deals obviously more damage than a small pistol. That common sense does not apply to a game. To make every characters as valuable as others in everything, they most be balanced. This means the big gun DPS MUST deal about the exact same amount or really close to it as the single pistol DPS if they were equipped the same way for their respecting classes.

Now, Kitru talked about aesthetics, which is the actual reason why weapons are limited to one class, and that makes you want to play the class that you like the style and the weapon. Aesthethics. Look. Nothing that affects the game. But it would affect something in the real life common sense you try to bring. If it would, the Jedis and the Siths would obviously overpower everything from like a huge step ahead, yet to make gun classes viable to be played, they are balanced to a same level, so that you dont see everywhere people swinging around lightsticks.

Kitru said that if it was to be adding every weapon possibility it would not work because they'd have to make an animation for every skills for every weapons, and if you count that theres around 60 skills per class(around 30 for the sorcerer sith for exemple, and 30 for the assassin,) and around 10 types of weapons, you end with like 600 animations for every species and every classes. That is too much work. You don't even know how long it is to make an animation...

When Kitru talked about bodytypes, it meant that, you see a female with bodytype 1 (which is the smallest one), dealing as much damage on hand-to-hand combat as the male using the bodytype 3(which is the huge guy one i believe). Your common sense would force the female to logically lose, yet for the sake of game balance, they deal the same amount of damage.

About WoW, I didn't play that game either, but in all logic, a guy wearing clothes is not supposed to be able to tank as well as a guy with a heavy plate armor and a huge shield, however, still for game balance, it is possible in WoW if I did read well. This means, that your common sense is obviously not respected. And that's normal, it it was respected who in hell would tank with a clothes-wearing guy? He would tank just as well as a paper would. And a paper would obviously not tank anything.

What Kitru's trying to make you understand is that your common sense will never be something that will be respected in a game, because if it is, the balance would fail and there would be only 3 viable classes, the one that would be tanking the best, the one that would heal the best, and the one that would DPS the most. That would make the other classes worthless which isn't what we want. Or else everyone would be looking the same, playing the same classes, etc.