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Operator doesn't have a tight enrage, but it does have a somewhat tight DPS check.

Also, i think 2.2k feels a little low for Styrak? I know you do good work KBN, but this is just an opinion thing from running it ;>.
Depends on how well you can translate that dummy DPS onto the boss. I calculated 4 DPS at 2.2k, two tanks at 1k and both healers at 200 DPS as being the minimum for the fight. When we first cleared it, we had one DPS at just over 1600 (fail hybrid spec), but our tanks did about 1.1k, our healers did 400 a piece and our DPS did 2.6k, 2.4k and 2.4k, which more than makes up the difference.

I would feel confident bringing my Sorc to S&V HM, but largely because I know the mechanics *really* well and am fairly comfortable claiming that I can translate my dummy DPS onto the boss (especially Styrak). If someone is less familiar with the fight, then require 2.4k as a minimum (maybe 2.6k) would be better since it leaves a lot more wiggle room.
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