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For the love of god. can you guys decide which night is the "Scheduled" maintenance night. "Tuesday" or "Wednesday"? (Australian locale) - Many guilds schedule their raids on a Wednesday (Day after weekly server reset)

Many of us have lives outside of swtor and plan raids around our lifestyle for a healthy game\life balance. Many guilds lose out on a full week of raiding every time you guys chop and change the scheduled patch day. I don't really care if it is Tue or Wed, just stick to 1 day please so that we can plan our raids accordingly.

I truly understand the complexity of patching and that sometimes delays can happen, but think about the community of paying customers when you decide to deploy a patch, is this a patch that could of waited until next Tuesday for example.
They are usually on Tuesdays, used to be at least. Then free to play hit and it used to be the cartel gamble packs added on the Wednesday unless they could add it to the Tuesday patch, then all went to... whatever.

In this case I was hoping for a Tuesday one because I have the Wednesday off. Consistency would really be appreciated here, can we have it simply back on Tuesdays? Not counting emergency patches... if they really are emergencies.

I hope it's actually a 2 hour one but they just say 4 hours in case there are delays, but I doubt that as it'd be a first for them. And why can't it be on the launcher yet, it doesn't hurt to put it on there 24 hours in advance, usually you do less than 12, or at least after I make my last log in the day before.