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Don't need you to dumb down your experience just quit ruining the experience for the others in group who might like to actually fulfill their role in group content.
While its one thing if it causes wipes, but if its more *effective* then thats not ruining the experience. Its a waste if it slows down everything because chances are- that tank can't hold aggro against me. That means I have to literally hold off on attacking just for him to build up some thread so I can cast a few abilities and kill it.

Most people I'm stuck with in FPs are vastly undergeared and underskilled. Sometimes I get some pretty awesome people but thats 1/20.

So why should I have to try to play worse just so they can "learn to tank" at my expense? Its a two way street. They can learn to tank with me doing what I normally do. If they can pull things before me and hold aggro over me- then they are learning.
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