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Becouse people must learn to work in team.
If they learn form guys like you - they will learn only one thing - ME HAVE 2 LITESABERS!!!! ME SMASH!!!!
This syndrome is already applyes through game.

When i join team in a healing spec (55 lvl sorc in 50 FP), i will not stop heal, and become tank or dps. And believe me - i CAN meltdown 50 FP. But im not gonna do it. Its just wrong. Sorcs are not designed for tanking. Same with marauders (or whatever dps class)
Flashpoints are not for you to learn to take off your training wheels so you can get into Operations. I quickly got into FPs for gear and quickly got out of it so I can spend my time doing productive things. You have 55 levels to learn your class. If you're still expecting people to bare with you while you still learn, then that is selfish. Learn on your own time using plenty of sources that are out there.

Not trying to be rude, but to expect others players to dumb down their experience just to keep the learning curve on par with yours is extremely selfish.
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