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Updated the spreadsheet with better formula's to calculate mean mitigation, also pushed up the the total absorb rating bonus from 17% to 20.5%. Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's been much appreciated, keep it coming .

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I'm finding myself reserving rs/hib and rocket punch when heat blast is close to coming off cooldown, HIB seems to normally grant 2 stacks (possibly due to proximity procs from the autocleave?, I need to look at my fights / logs closer) and rocket punch grants one stack automatically. I personally have very little downtime between 3 stacks heat screen and the heat blast effect. This may be something I'm overestimating on how often actually happens for the third stack to fill; since I'm only really noticing it when I pay attention to that portion of my rotation, and I'm biased to be unaware of when I'm not paying attention to my rotation. The cooldown reductions on HB/EB are something I'm just not paying attention to at all however.

The usage of relics for burst mitigation is one of the primary reasons I originally built this sheet, since the effect of boosting is magnified when in a fight due to reduced time on agro (tank swaps, rest mechanics, etc). Pretty much with most raid mechanics you can treat almost all damage as spike damage, since you rarely don't have some type of cool-down running. I also want to add the effect of adrenals for this reason in addition to the effect they have on stat balancing.

Eventually I want to migrate this spreadsheet to a MSVC program, which will make modeling more complex damage mechanics easier. I really haven't had time lately to start porting things over, but soon...

Btw just noticed that was you Metallic ! Feel free to hop in our mumble or whisper me if you catch errors or anything else that you think needs to be added / changed.